Monday, March 24, 2008

Socialized Medicine

I don't know why all the conservatives in my life are so worried about the "possibility" of us moving to socialized medicine. We're already there!!!

Today I found out that Caleb has significant delays in the area of communication. I also found out that he needs to be monitored in the areas of fine motor skills and "personal/social." Fine motor skills were not a surprise (he doesn't hold a pencil normally), but personal/social was. He needs to be monitored because he is still working on learning to take turns and he can't wash his face with soap and dry it by himself (because I've never asked him to-he'd get soap in his eyes!). Whatever.

The person assessing him also informed me that this appointment was completely unrelated to the referral, but she actually knew the person who takes those referrals and she would have her call me. Of course, she didn't call me, but at least I have a phone number now.

Then the Shiley Eye Mobile paid a visit to our house this afternoon to assess Caleb's vision and hearing. Of course, the woman who referred Caleb forgot to mention that we think he's color blind, so she didn't have the equipment to assess that. Then the hearing test didn't work. She thinks he has too much wax in his ears to have it work effectively. We now have to see a doctor to have his vision and hearing checked. *Sigh*

So really, I don't know anything today I didn't know yesterday. I have a new set of phone numbers of people to harass to try to be seen. I left them all messages today. Messages that they probably won't return.

Yep, I can sure see why people don't want the health care system to change! Maybe they're all rich people who can afford doctors who return their calls. :P

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