Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Still Backing Up...

After two days it was still backing up so I stopped it and successfully installed the new OS. YAY! Then I went to install the photo software and guess what? You'll never guess, so I'll tell you. THE DISK WAS BLANK. So I called Apple and they were very sorry. After some negotiating, we decided that the best solution was for them to refund the entire amount and that I should just go buy a version of iLife. Fortunately, they had it here in town at Best Buy. YAY! Oh, but wait! There's more! I installed it and ALL MY PICTURES ARE GONE! Most were backed up on KodakGallery, another drive, or at least on Facebook. But some were not. Some like Grandma's last birthday.

Life was so much simpler when pictures came on film. :(

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Backing Up

Since we were on vacation and Christmas was only five away, I decided on Sunday that I should really get started on my Christmas projects that involve pictures. So I got up at 4:00 (because I woke up and couldn't stop thinking about that fact that there are only FIVE DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS!) and chose all the pictures for my project. Then I went to export them to a website where I can do something with them and GUESS WHAT? After TWO HOURS of choosing pictures, my software wouldn't let me select them. So I, very practically I think, decided that it was time for me to finally upgrade my software. The only problem with this is that I have to upgrade my OS in order to upgrade my software, and before I upgrade my OS (which can crash the computer) I figured it was finally time to do this online back-up service my dad has been bugging me about. And that's where it all fell apart.

It has now been 48 HOURS since I started this endeavor, and my computer is STILL BACKING UP!! And guess what? I still don't have new photo software, or a new OS, and I still can't export my pictures. And now? There are only THREE DAYS until Christmas. I am thinking that I am in big trouble.