Saturday, January 30, 2010


I often feel like my life is a puzzle in which I am constantly trying to keep the pieces together. There is a Nikki piece, a Caleb piece, an Emma piece, a Scott piece, and then there are more family pieces for people who don't live in my house, and then friends. One piece is work, but sometimes work is three pieces named Peer Helping, Psychology, English, AVID, Saturday School, etc. Oh wait, I guess work is sometimes more than three. But you get my point, yes? The pets are a piece. My house is a piece that is constantly in need of attention. Church is usually one piece, but sometimes becomes more. Girl Scouts is usually one piece, except during cookie season when it multiplies. There's just a lot going on. And most days, I manage to keep the puzzle together, somehow fitting each piece into its proper place. Today was NOT one of those days.

Today was SUPPOSED to be Girl Scout Cookie, AP Super Saturday, Little League Sign-Up, Cookie Pick-Up, Emma's Birthday Weekend, and maybe A Play With Some Great People and Benefiting A Great Cause Day. Then my principal wanted me to do Saturday School, which conflicted with AP Super Saturday, so it was also Emma Babysit Caleb While Scott Does Saturday School for Cindy Day. But Emma went midnight bowling for her birthday and didn't get to bed until 3:00 this morning, so it was also Feeling Guilty About Waking Emma Up Early Day. And then it all changed.

Today became Take Nikki to the Doctor Because She Has Strep Throat After Picking Up Girl Scout Cookies Day. Then it was also Pharmacy Day and Maybe Make it Late to My Workshop Day, which gave way to Ah Forget It, I'll Take a Nap Day. But this offset Feeling Guilty Day, because Caleb went with us to the doctor. So I have no training, and Caleb did not get signed up for T-Ball (that's Tomorrow), but we have cookies and antibiotics, Emma got to sleep, and I'm going to a play!! YAY!

My point is that sometimes my pieces get messed up, lost, and yes, even destroyed. And I hope that the people who love me are forgiving enough to be okay with that. At least most of the time.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rodent Overpopulation

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but Nikki got a bunny for Christmas. It was really not planned that way, but her friend Sami had some baby bunnies that needed homes, and Nikki decided it would be worth it to forgo an iPod touch (not that she was necessarily going to get one) in order to bring yet another furry creature into the house. So now we have two dogs, a cat, a fish, and a bunny. Meet Reeses (as in peanut butter cup):

But wait, there's more! This weekend we ALSO had the class chinchilla for the weekend. He's very sweet and we enjoyed his company, but check out the rodent corner of our house.

He'll be going back to school tomorrow.
Isn't he cute??