Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Caleb and I went to the ENT today. We got answers.

Fortunately, I was a prepared mom because they couldn't access his audiogram records. BUT I have a folder with every referral, report, receipt, and anything else that starts with an "r" that I've received since we started this odyssey. So while the doctor didn't have his audiogram, I DID! The wonderful woman explained to me what it meant. It's something like this:

Caleb has a mild to moderate hearing loss which is neural in nature. While he did have fluid in his ears at the time of the test (which is normal for up to six months following an ear infection), she was able to conclusively tell me that his hearing loss is in the same range as speech. The verdict? Caleb can't hear us clearly when we speak.

And so, I asked, would he need hearing aids? And she said that he will, and once he has them he will catch up so quickly that we will be able to toss his IEP!!! Because he will actually be able to HEAR what we are saying!

At least two people I've told this have seemed concerned about him having to wear hearing aids. I, on the other hand, am ECSTATIC to have answers and a solution! Caleb will finally be able to HEAR. I can think of so many terrible scenarios: we're sorry, but your son has a cognitive delay, OR we're sorry but there's nothing we can do for him, OR we'll have to perform some big scary surgery on your son. What a blessing that this is easily fixed and the delays will be easily overcome.

Yeah for answers! Keep 'em coming!!

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TAMI said...

Gratitude WINS over worry and pessimism. We are grateful, alongside your family, for a proper diagnosis and the new world of HEARING Caleb is about to discover!!